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Meditation Makes Time for Itself .

by Swami Veda Bharati   In response to the frequently heard comment, “I don’t have [...]

Oneness in Silence.

by Swami Veda Bharati Asilomar-Contemplative Alliance Conference Monterey, California October 11, 2010 Guided meditation: Once [...]

Digging for the treasure of life.

The goal of life is not the drama being played, but the lesson that it [...]

Volle maan meditatie

Shi Hong (Hong Kong) vice-president AHYMSIN toespraak over ‘What is AHYMSIN ? ‘.

To a lot of people it is a rather obscure name, and in fact even [...]

Art of silence

This passage has been taken from a transcription of a lecture given by Swami Veda [...]

Yoga Nidra Refined Silence

Why do we sleep? Swami Veda Bharati 22 July 2009 The great Shankacharya says that [...]

Spartan Training regimen using yogic breathing techniques.

(Practical Use of Pranayama in Alleviation of Pain) by Peter Fabian In July of 2011, [...]

The real meaning of meditation.

What is meditation? How does it work? Can meditation help you achieve genuine peace and [...]

Two paths in yoga

by Swami Veda Bharati There are many misunderstandings about yoga. There are many paths in [...]