Weekend workshop 7 – 9 februari 2020 with Swami Tat Sat Bharati

Mantra Science in Combination with Mudra
and Mantra chanting in group.


Swami Tat Sat

Enjoy Yoga on a deeper level.
Immerse yourself in the Spirit of the Lineage of
The Himalayan Yoga MeditationTradition

A mantra is a sound, a syllable, or a set of sounds. It is known not by its meaning, but by its vibrations.
It provides a focus for the mind ans helps one become aware of his or her internal states.

It is a way to understand one’s self and to coordinate one’s external and internal words.

“The mantra is a friend that helps the mind become one pointed
and slowly leads the student to a deep state of silence,to the Center of Consciousness within.”

Swami Rama of the Himalayas (derived from: Mantra what & why by Swami Veda Bharati)


Monastery The Beukenhof at Biezenmortel in Holland